Paul & Jean  Galburt

Mini-Squares: See Your Friends Dancing in 30 Minutes

We designed Mini-Squares to be a quick and fun way to introduce people to the enjoyment and challenging puzzle solving aspects of modern square dancing. All that is required is 4 willing people, any kind of MP3 file player, and - you!

Below are links where you can download our Introduction, the Mini-Squares User Guide including Call definitions, and lists of Calls used in each of the steps we designed. Also provided are ZIP files that contain MP3 files that enable you to hear all of the Mini-Squares lessons and dances. There are three versions of the material which are the same except for being called at three different speeds.

All of this material is Copyright 2009-2016 by Paul Galburt and Bill Heimann. We are pleased to make it available to any person or organization wishing to expose others to square dancing or teach anyone what we have to offer.

Please tell us about your experience using Mini-Squares. Enjoy! You can contact us by email at or , just replace the # with an @ character.

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