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CD Workshop Challenge Dancing Practice

Welcome to Challenge Dancing Practice developed and produced by Bill Heimann and Paul Galburt over the years 1997 to 2002. Originally offered in the form of conventional CDs, all of our material is now availble in the form of standard MP3 files. These are free for you to use in any square dance practice context. We retain all rights and any other usage including incorporation into derived choreography or as part of a for pay dance session is forbidden.

Many of these MP3s will appeal to a broad range of square dancing levels. For example, one of our series covers the C2 concept of Parallelograms and Offset formations, with sequences having varying degrees of difficulty from relatively easy to quite challenging. These parallelogram sequences can be instructional and interesting to workshops at all levels between C2 to C4. The sequences in our sets use calls from lists no higher than the level of the particular concept being covered.

Each set is organized with a single sequence in each of approximately 50-70 files. In some cases, the sequences are intended to have an increasing degree of difficulty beginning with the first sequence on a particular concept and continuing through its last one. None of the tracks on our sets contain a traditional teach in a narrative form. We assume that the initial teach can and will be done by a workshop leader or by a caller.

Each ZIP file of MP3s linked below includes a PDF file giving hints and ideas about dancing the material of that particular set, but this PDF is not intended to provide a detail teach. This material is are intended solely as practice to provide the repetition so often needed to become fully proficient. We expect dancers will eventually go over the material a number of times - first, on a lesson by lesson basis, and subsequently as a random play dance.

Later on it can be used as a refresher. Keeping track of how many of the sequences your group can dance without breaking down will give you a reasonably objective measure of how well that material has been mastered.

Big Block Stagger Own Initially

C1-1 Two Couple

C1-2 Two Couple

C3 2-Couple

Eagle C3B Two Couple

Every Which Way But Loose C3B

Foxy C1

Gorilla C1

Monster A2

Parallelograms and Offsets C2

Selected C1 Concepts

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