Paul & Jean  Galburt

Our Square Dancing Hobby

Jean and Paul are deeply involved in the wonderful hobby of challenge square dancing. Paul started in 1974 and Jean in 1984. We met at a dance called by our good friend Lee Kopman on Long Island NY in 1990 where his wife Lilith Kopman (also a great friend) was our matchmaker.

We have made many wonderful friends through this activity and numerous photographs of them can be found in our photo albums and video presentations. Carol and Bill Heimann are fellow dancers from Willowbrook IL who have become very close friends of ours. Some years ago we worked together to produce square dance teaching materials, some of which are listed at the right.

Part of our regular traveling activities involve attending dances across the USA and even internationally, keeping us active both mentally, physically, and socially. Challenge square dancing continues to have a huge positive effect on our lives. We are long-time members of two local clubs that are also linked on this page.

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