Paul & Jean  Galburt

Our Internet Home

This web site is the Internet home of Paul and Jean Galburt of Punta Gorda FL USA. We love living and working here in Punta Gorda and we use this site to share our work and leisure experiences with family and friends.

Traveling around the USA and internationally is one of our major hobbies and gives us opportunities for interesting photography. There are many photo albums and videos on this site listed under the menu items Photos and Videos. Please feel free to browse around and enjoy.

This website is the latest of a long line of different systems we have used, and being the simplest, we'll actually be able to keep it up to date! All of the content files are stored on our Dropbox account and the site is presented through a service called Droppages which is attached to these files. Whenever one of these files is edited, Droppages automatically publishes the changes on its webserver.

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